Where is God?

I’ve recently been working through a book entitled, Experiencing the Trinity: The Grace of God for the People of God by Joe Thorn. A particular phrase in this book has really caught my attention. This phrase is found in the Introduction of the book on page 17. These words have been constantly running through my […]

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The Living Water

On His way to Galilee, Jesus had to go through Samaria. During this journey, Jesus approached a town called Sychar, where Jacob had given Joseph a plot of ground (Joshua 24:32). Jesus sat near the well because he was tired. As He remained there, a woman approached him. This woman was from Samaria, and she […]

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Yearning for the Gospel

Gospel. This is the essential need of every human being. All who respond to the gospel in repentance and faith will have eternal life, which is, Christ Himself. All who are born are born into sin (Psalm 51:5). Because of this, there is need of redemption. Apart from redemption in Christ, one suffers the consequence […]

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Absolute Obedience

Often times I go into deep thought regarding the true meaning of obedience. Specifically, what it entails and what are its implications. As I think about this, I know that I can find answers to these questions in the Scriptures. So let us ask two questions and then consult God’s word for the answers. What is […]

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