A Love We Don’t Deserve

A Love We Don’t Deserve: Finding Freedom in
God’s Grace

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It can be easy to feel hopeless and unworthy of forgiveness, especially when we live in a world filled with pain, suffering, and the weight of our sin. Our hopelessness can be attributed to guilt, shame, and brokenness. We often cling to our past, present, and future mistakes—allowing those mistakes to define who we are. Living in this cycle can lead us to believe that God cannot possibly want to forgive us for our sin and wrongdoing. We begin to believe that we are unworthy recipients of his love.

Though we may indeed be undeserving of God’s love, he still chooses to relentlessly pursue us in the midst of our depravity. In A Love We Don’t Deserve: Finding Forgiveness in God’s Grace, Robert Snitko takes us on a journey looking at God’s unconditional love towards us—as we grasp the freedom that we have in Christ. This book is rooted in Psalm 32 as David shares his insights on the breathtaking forgiveness of God. If you’ve faced trials that seem unbearable; guilt that seems inescapable; shame that may appear too dark to be forgiven; all while desiring to experience the true forgiveness that is offered to you in Christ—this book is for you.


“You hold in your hands an exploration of the greatest treasures offered to humanity. The world says we get what we deserve. But God says the opposite. When we are at our worst, God gives us his grace. In A Love We Don’t Deserve, Rob Snitko calls us to confront our fears and drink from the deep well of God’s love.”
Alex Wickell, Associate Pastor, The Branch Community Church, Chicago

“I thought by now that I’d be wiser, steadier, and better. Instead, I still require heaps of grace. A Love We Don’t Deserve assures us that ‘God is interested in brokenness,’ and beckons us to rest in God’s grace through a thoughtful study of Psalm 32. We’ll never grasp the depth of God’s grace, but every step leads to new beauties. Please take this step.”
Brian Jennings, Lead Minister, Highland Park Christian Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

A Love We Don’t Deserve is available for purchase on Amazon.

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