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A Love We Don’t Deserve: Finding Freedom in God’s Grace


God is Not Black-and-White: Seeking Unity in a Theologically Diverse Church


“Robert Snitko offers us a wonderful pastoral call for unity, understanding, and the witness to reconciliation promised in Jesus Christ. With a sharp mind and a pastor’s heart Snitko draws us all back to the Apostle’s Creed and the centrality of Christ for a unity that can actually witness to the depths of God’s love in our pluralistic age. This book is timely, engaging, and insightful.
Andrew Root, Professor of Youth and Family Ministry, Luther Seminary

“Snitko makes a sincere and wise presentation, encapsulating theology as ‘beautiful mystery.’ The awareness of those theological positions that are primary, and those that are secondary, is a helpful designation. He provides guidelines for determining both, arising for his burden for unity in the Church of Jesus Christ in truth and love.
Bruce Fields, Professor of Faith and Culture, Trinity International University

“Robert Snitko carefully identifies a number of important issues—”secondary doctrines”—about which Christians can reasonably disagree and debate. But he truly does us a favor by providing wise counsel, born of his personal journey, as to how to do so with love by listening to one another and truly growing together. To practice his advice is to practice real tolerance within the body of Christ, permitting variations that do not impinge upon the heart of the gospel without ignoring genuine differences. Such freedom and respect is honoring to God and the continuing work of the Holy Spirit within the church. His heartfelt appeal will be heard by earnest peacemakers.”
Sanjay Merchant, Associate Professor of Theology, Moody Bible Institute

Lessons Learned from Jonah: Meditations on God’s Restoring Grace


“I’m interested in devotionals that cause me to dive deep into scripture, spotlight areas for growth, and lead me back to Christ’s grace. Robert Snitko has delivered! Our family of six loved using Lessons Learned from Jonah for our family devotions, and now I can’t wait to get it in the hands of my church family.”
Brian Jennings, Lead Minister, Highland Park Christian Church

“Robert’s writing is heartfelt, Christ-centered, scriptural, and accurate! His ‘Call to Action’ in each section brings the Word to bear in our lives in an incredibly practical manner. This devotional is a must read for anyone who struggles to live in obedience to what God has called them to.”
Tim Yach, Director of Student Ministries, Harvest Bible Chapel Kansas City

“This is not a devotional that is meant to only increase your knowledge of the book of Jonah. That does happen, but what I love most about Robert’s writing is his pastoral heart. He challenges you with each lesson and doesn’t want you to remain unchanged. I encourage you to read this and not run from what God is asking you to do.”
John Hinger, Josiah Venture Country Leader in Croatia

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