God Is Not Black-and-White

God is Not Black-and-White: Seeking Unity in a Theologically Diverse Church
(Wipf and Stock, 2017)

PrintThere are many differing theological perspectives in the church today. The church is often too quick to tell people they are wrong theologically—rather than pursuing a conversation that allows the body of Christ to wrestle with various theological assumptions. In God is Not Black-and-White, Robert Snitko seeks to disrupt the disunity within a diverse church. In a very theological, yet practical way—this book roots itself in the Apostle’s Creed as the foundation for Christianity—noting that Christians as a whole ought to agree on the gospel of Christ, the Trinity, and the incarnation as primary doctrines.

When it comes to secondary doctrinal issues, church history proves that individuals have come to various theological conclusions. Perhaps one’s theological interpretation comes from presuppositions such as; upbringing; cultural context; life circumstances, or even experience. Whatever the case may be, we need to put an end to division in the church—as we seek unity within a theologically diverse church. This book urges Christians to have a theological conversation that pursues unity—as we seek to love one another in the gospel through restoration, healing, and reconciliation.

Praise for God is Not Black-and-White

“Robert Snitko offers us a wonderful pastoral call for unity, understanding, and the witness to reconciliation promised in Jesus Christ. With a sharp mind and a pastor’s heart Snitko draws us all back to the Apostle’s Creed and the centrality of Christ for a unity that can actually witness to the depths of God’s love in our pluralistic age. This book is timely, engaging, and insightful.”
Andrew Root, Professor of Youth and Family Ministry, Luther Seminary

“Snitko makes a sincere and wise presentation, encapsulating theology as ‘beautiful mystery.’ The awareness of those theological positions that are primary, and those that are secondary, is a helpful designation. He provides guidelines for determining both, arising for his burden
for unity in the Church of Jesus Christ in truth and love.”
Bruce Fields, Professor of Faith and Culture, Trinity International University

“Robert Snitko carefully identifies a number of important issues—“secondary doctrines”—about which Christians can reasonably disagree and debate. But he truly does us a favor by providing wise counsel, born of his personal journey, as to how to do so with love by listening to one another and truly growing together. To practice his advice is to practice real tolerance within the body of Christ, permitting variations that do not impinge upon the heart of the gospel without ignoring genuine differences. Such freedom and respect is honoring to God and the continuing work of the Holy Spirit within the church. His heartfelt appeal will be heard by earnest peacemakers.”
Sanjay Merchant, Associate Professor of Theology, Moody Bible Institute

God is Not Black-and-White is available for purchase on Wipf and Stock Publishers and Amazon.

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