Kant on Treating Humanity as an End-In-Itself

An observation of Tom Hill’s excerpt in The Oxford Handbook of Ethical Theory on Kant’s approach to treating humanity as an end-in-itself. Specifically, how Kant’s moral philosophy influences Christianity. It is evident that Christianity is rooted in the Holy Scriptures, thus all that it means to be a Christian is clear cut in the text.Continue reading “Kant on Treating Humanity as an End-In-Itself”

Book Review: A New Perspective on Jesus

This book review can also be found at Stained Glass Collective. In the book New Perspective on Jesus: What the Quest for the Historical Jesus Missed,  James D. G. Dunn attempts to distinguish the Jesus of history and the Jesus of faith. Attempting to unravel the tension between the two, Dunn helps the reader understand how theContinue reading “Book Review: A New Perspective on Jesus”

Rhythm, Refocus, & Rest

We live in a world that always needs to be doing something. We get lost in our tasks, duties, and activities, without finding time to rest. In fact, rest seems to be one of the most frightening words for some. Heaven forbid someone takes time to rest because we would certainly not be accomplishing anything. We liveContinue reading “Rhythm, Refocus, & Rest”

Baptism and New Birth

The baptism of Jesus was to exemplify the notion of being born again. We see this explained in the Gospel of John when Jesus encounters Nicodemus who was a Pharisee and a ruler of the Jews (John 3:1). Being born again is to understand that in Christ’s birth, Jesus rebirths humanity to Himself so thatContinue reading “Baptism and New Birth”

Achieving Holiness as a Christian

Growing up, Christianity was distasteful to me. The main reason being is that there was an unrealistic expectation of becoming ‘perfect.’ I was not necessarily being taught this, instead I perceived this because I felt judged and not “good” enough in Christian circles. This lead me to think that I need to be someone thatContinue reading “Achieving Holiness as a Christian”

Good News Unfolded (An extension of Gospel Yearning)

Gospel. This is the essential need of every human being. All who respond to the gospel in repentance and faith will have eternal life, which is, Christ Himself. All who are born are born into sin (Psalm 51:5). Because of this, there is need of redemption. Apart from redemption in Christ, one suffers the consequenceContinue reading “Good News Unfolded (An extension of Gospel Yearning)”

True Citizenship & The Pilgrim’s Life

Recently I have been asking myself,  “What is home?” Is home where one is originally from? Is home where one currently resides? What exactly do we mean by home? I have gone through quite a few transitions in the past year. For one, I got married to the love of my life. Then my wifeContinue reading “True Citizenship & The Pilgrim’s Life”