Kant on Treating Humanity as an End-In-Itself

An observation of Tom Hill’s excerpt in The Oxford Handbook of Ethical Theory on Kant’s approach to treating humanity as an end-in-itself. Specifically, how Kant’s moral philosophy influences Christianity. It is evident that Christianity is rooted in the Holy Scriptures, thus all that it means to be a Christian is clear cut in the text.Continue reading “Kant on Treating Humanity as an End-In-Itself”

Achieving Holiness as a Christian

Growing up, Christianity was distasteful to me. The main reason being is that there was an unrealistic expectation of becoming ‘perfect.’ I was not necessarily being taught this, instead I perceived this because I felt judged and not “good” enough in Christian circles. This lead me to think that I need to be someone thatContinue reading “Achieving Holiness as a Christian”